My Favorite Body Shop Products

image-2I am guilty of being a bit tight-fisted when it comes to spending on beauty products but have recently found that I end up spending more when I buy lots of cheap products because they’re cheap. I have acne prone skin and a lot of these products end up making me break out more which causes me to go and purchase some more cheap products that do nothing for me.  This has made it necessary for me to be smart with my purchases and do research before I buy which has led to me finding some good products that are not the cheapest but certainly not unreasonably priced either. A majority of the products I’ve been using have been from The Body Shop. The Body Shop can be a little bit pricey but guys I promise it’s worth it. Their products are high quality, natural and ethically made.

Tea Tree Body Wash

Like a mentioned above I have acne prone skin not only on my face but my body too. I have found that most shower gels and soaps have chemicals and fragrances that agitate my skin and make it worse. Sure they smell incredible but its not worth having spots everywhere. This body wash was formulated for blemished skin and has worked like a dream. I can’t lie and say that all the spots are gone but it has certainly improved the appearance of my skin.

Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub

I said I’d be 100 with you guys and say this product is not for everyone. I don’t think it would be great for someone with very sensitive or dry skin. When I started using it was an everyday ritual but my skin started to peel and was raw in certain places so I had to reduce to using it once or twice a week which has worked out pretty well for me.

Tea Tree Blemish Gel

There are a lot of little gels like this on the market that claim to reduce the appearance of pimples and redness in 5 minutes, 2 minutes or whatever and it’s all a lot of bull. Well this gel actually works, not in minutes obviously, but in a day or two it will clear that spot.


Vitamin E Body Butter

This body butter is EVERYTHING. I will go on the record and say this is the best body butter I’ve ever used. It is incredibly moisturizing, leaves skin looking and feeling soft and has a really light scent thats nice but not overpowering either. I hate when I put lotion, body lotion or whatever on and a few minutes/ hours later my skin is dry again, I promise you you won’t experience that problem with this butter. Your skin will stay soft and glowing all day. I break out on my back and chest which is not ideal at all and I’ve noticed that since using this I break out less, I definitely give this 10/10.

Vitamin E Overnight Serum

When you put this serum on at night you wake up with skin as soft as a baby’s… lol. Seriously it moisturizes and recharges skin overnight and you can feel results when you wake up. Full disclosure, I sometimes use it during the day or mix it with the butter when I want an extra glow on those nights out.

Blue Corn mask 3 in 1 Purifying Mask

This mask gives me life, this right here is a product that will give you results straight away.   I usually put it on for about 15 minutes and wash it off. Immediately I can see that the size of my pores are reducing, blackheads are gone (not all of them) and skin appears softer and brighter. It does burn a little when applied. Be warned.


Vanilla Body Mist

I have talked about how I love vanilla in a previous post so I had to get this body mist. This is also one of The Body Shop’s bestsellers and its because it smells incredible and lasts all day. The scent isn’t really strong and its soft, elegant and girly. I LOVE.


You know I love hearing from  you so leave your comments below and let me know what some of your favorite Body Shop products are.

💋 Julie



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