My Favorite Fall Lipsticks


Hello ladies its our favorite season again, well mine at least. I absolutely love fall because of all the fashion trends, make up and clothes get bolder, nails get toned down ( bye bright yellow stiletto nails) and for some reason everybody starts looking really stylish and chic in fall.

Now you guys already know I love me some lipstick, Its something that can totally change your look and instantly make you feel super sexy so today I decided to share some of my favorite fall lipsticks with you. They are nothing special and very common so I’m sure most of you already own these.

Mac – Diva

Dark lips are always a must during fall and burgundy and berry colors are must haves, this is my favorite one.


ย NYX – Maison

So thanks to Kylie Jenner or someone brown lipstick is in, this is my favorite brown lipstick but then again I haven’t seen any others so if you know of a better one let me know in the comments.

Image (2)

ย NYX – Butter Beurre

I fell in love with this last fall when I saw a girl on Instagram wearing it, its a nude with a bit of a brownish grayish undertone ( if that makes any sense).Its really different which is why I’m crazy about it.

Image (3)

ย Essence – Oh So Matt

A nude is ย an essential all year round and this is my favorite one. It took me a while to find a nude that really suits me and it was a pleasant surprise when I found this one for less than 2 bucks.

Image (4)

Revlon – Black Cherry

I know this looks really dark but when applied it looks kind of like diva but a bit darker than that, its perfect with a neutral eye for a bit of an edgy look.

Image (5)

Mac – Ruby Woo

Like the nude, a red is something that a girl needs all year round. In my opinion ruby woo is the perfect red. You know maybe some black ripped skinny jeans, black crop top, camouflage jacket/coat some nice black ankle boots topped with a nice red lip? Its an idea ๐Ÿ˜‰

Image (1)

Apologies for the terrible nails I have left them this way because I go on vacation this coming week so I figured it maybe better to wait till then to get them done again. I hope you like this post, please let me know what your favorites are, I’d love to hear from you.




21 thoughts on “My Favorite Fall Lipsticks

  1. matchamilady

    I don’t wait for any season to wear any colour, I wear them all round. W7 chestnut and Kate Moss 107 are my ultimate bright red and burgundy with Revlon butter lipstick in pink truffle as the perfect pinky brown. I’m a lipstick addict, it’s one of my favourite accessories but these are my top 3

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