White After Labour Day


Hey guys, so here I am again with a style post. I will post about something else soon, probably my new workout routine, maybe my gym makeup routine or something lol.

So let’s talk about wearing white. After I wore that white dress on my birthday I became obsessed with wearing the colour. I never really wore white clothes and I think its really a psychological thing. I was always told white gets dirty easily. White will bring out your flaws. White will make you look fat. Not to mention my favorite myth about white only being worn in the summer months which I now realise is just ridiculous because its 2015 not 1950.

I’ve always stuck to dark colors and I think that was because I was always playing it safe. I get more comfortable with my body and my style I find myself trying new things and breaking my own little boundaries and its something I’m really proud of. A lot of the time we listen to peoples opinions about what to wear “you cannot wear this ” and ‘you should wear the this”. But ‘You’ is not something that can be generalized. ‘You’ is something that can only be defined by you.

I’ve found white to be flattering on me as long as its fitted well and was paired with some great accessories. I also think that white, like black, is a colour that would suit any skin tone and can be worn in every season. Whoever still believes otherwise I challenge you to try it and thank me later. Absolutely in love with how clean, fresh and chic it makes me look and feel. It doesn’t have to be white either. If you have found yourself wearing the same colours all the time like I did, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Fashion is about expression after all.

Here are some of my white looks from the last couple of weeks;


Top – Forever21

Leggings – AX Paris

Heels -River Island

Necklace – New look

Jacket – Boohoo.com

Top – Boohoo.com

Jeans – Pennys/Primark

Trainers – Penny’s /Primark


For more on this look  check to my Finally 21 – Birthday Pictures post


Jeans – Boohoo.com

Crop Top – Boohoo.com

Shoes – Pennys/Primark

Bag – Zac Posen

Accessories -Pennys/Primark

Let me know what you think about this post and about wearing white or even about what you feel is your own colour. I’d love to hear from you.


Julie 💋


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