Finally 21 – Birthday Pictures


This will come as a shock to some people who know me personally but I just turned 21 last month. Most people think I’m older because for the last 4 years I have been a student, lived in my own place, paid my own bills and been employed. I don’t want to toot my own horn but I’m ambitious and I’ve always wanted to be independent. Im not necessarily where I’d like to be but I think if I continue to work hard I’ll get there.

Before I get off topic I just wanted to share some of the pictures from my birthday as I had told you a little bit about my plans in my Party Planning – Rimmed Glasses and Stuff post. The plans changed and there were some things that went TERRIBLY WRONG but in the end I had a good time.


I kicked things off with a birthday dinner at The Hamptons in Limerick. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Limerick, and while it is a bit more on the pricey side it’s not obscenely so (it is fine dining after all). It is totally worth every cent.



For my starter I had this amazing Prawn Cocktail


I had this beautiful steak for my main


                                                                      For dessert I had a Baileys Cheescake


It was my birthday so of course we had to pop a bottle


cake cake cake cake


My cake was made by Bakeyousweet

I wore…


This dress is from

You can get it here


My Accessories are from Primark/Pennys, the clutch is half River Island and half Primark/Pennys

I explained how in my party planning post


I wore my Impera Laser pumps that literally arrived on my birthday


I wore my favorite lipstick ever – Mac Ruby woo


I ended the night with a few French Martini’s at Bentley’s bar


It was my 21st so I had to TURN UP. The plan was to have a small get together at my place and then head out to the club. We had the get together at my house and then had the party at a friends house after.


I had some red velvet cupcakes,macaroons, mini pizza’s and strawberries

as snacks along side some Gallo wines and JP chenet


I wore…


This Dress is from My Choice in Limerick. You can buy stuff from them online too.


Got these from River Island

Get yours here


I wore another shade of lipstick I really love – Mac Diva



Somebody was kind enough to treat me to one of my favourite fragrances




I absolutely loved my white birthday dress from boohoo that I bought another dress that arrived yesterday. Guys they are true to size and the quality of the dresses are amazing. The best part is the dresses are not expensive at all.

Get Yours here

I know Its been a while since I posted, I apologise for this. I’ve just started a new job and have been super busy but I will try to post more regularly again.  I love to hear from you so please comment below.




18 thoughts on “Finally 21 – Birthday Pictures

  1. inspirationalgem

    Happy Birthday(even though it was last month!)!! I hope it was a great one(it seems like it was fantastic!)! And good for you with all your accomplishments and ambition! That’s definitely something to celebrate! There’s nothing wrong with being proud and expressing your happiness with your own success and positive qualities. That’s a good thing! I’m 29 years old and still financially dependent, I only work at a store currently and still live with family, no place of my own yet! I’m currently looking for another, more “real” or “adult” job. I’m inspired by your drive and success. 
    Thank You for sharing!  
    Also, you’re gorgeous and the dresses look fabulous on you! Your white dress is amazing!  Great pictures of your gifts, outfits, and celebration! The red lipstick is lovely, not all girls can pull off the red as well (not sure if I can or not, I usually wear light colors like pale pink or peach but as long as we like whatever color we are wearing, it’s all that matters!). And the food looks delicious, red velvet cupcakes are my favorite!  I just find this post so uplifting!  😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Julie Zacks Ryan

      Awww thank you so much. Thank you for taking the time to write this, I’m so humbled. 29 is still young and you have a lot of time to accomplish everything you want and I’m sure you will.😘😘😘


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