Girl Chat : Love Yourself All Day Everyday 


Hey guys, today I want to talk about something that may be a little sensitive and definitely something more serious than anything I’ve ever written about on my blog before. A lot of the time I just want to talk about the light hearted, fun and exciting stuff,  but I cannot dismiss that there are real issues that need to be discussed. As someone who blogs about lifestyle and beauty I have a responsibility to let readers know that beauty is more than just clothes and cosmetics.

So you may be  wondering what has sparked this sudden need to go all serious. Well here it is:-

I saw this on Facebook and it had a picture displaying what this girl looked like before and after bleaching her skin (I removed her picture and name for obvious reasons). This broke my heart and was heavy on my mind so I had to share. Before I go any further I just want to point out that this is not a post about black women and skin bleaching, it’s a post about all women and about us being out own worst enemies.

I am bi-racial and my parents did not raise me to judge people by their skin colour or race but instead judge them by their character. It was only in my first year of school that I began to realise that there was a certain stigma and stereotype about different ‘coloured’ people. I started school in South Africa where the death rattle of apartheid and racism could still be heard and needless to say it was hard for me to make friends as I didn’t fit into either category, white or black.

The thing is, as I got older, I realised that a lot of the hostility was fuelled by two things. The first by fear which was hardly a surprise. People are often afraid of what they do not know. The second reason is that some people need to show superiority. Dark skin is often associated with slavery and even though the times have changed, unfortunately, for some people, the wounds are still fresh and they still associate dark skin with that era and think that they will be accepted if they are lighter. Which is the case with this lady.

I need to point out that it’s not only black women who have insecurities about their skin color or features, I think almost all women (and men actually) have insecurities.What she and other people who feel this way need to know is that lighter skin does not make you more beautiful and dark skin doesn’t make you less. Maybe you have big eyes, a big butt and big boobs and you wish you didn’t. Or maybe you’re on the smaller side and you wish you had a bigger this and a sharper that and a more perfect whatever. We all feel like we could be better but sometimes you have to have the confidence to own what you have and show the world how beautiful you are, inside and out.

I want women to know that the days of conformity are gone and we now live in a world where we can be ourselves and can be whatever or whoever we want to be. There is more than one version of beauty, and women of all ethnic groups are beautiful in their own way. It’s time we stopped listening to negative people and start loving and accepting ourselves. Like Beyoncé said  “it’s the soul that needs the surgery”. Girls you are beautiful and you just need to see it and appreciate it and others will too.




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