Quick Style Post : Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

I know it’s still Spring but it’s getting really warm out and I know a lot of you are going on holiday, so I decided to do a fun summer look. 

I love this look like because it is super comfortable but still stylish and chic. It’s also a look that has been seen on the runways of some pretty amazing designers for their SS15 collections.

The Deeeeests

I got this bag in the summer last year. It’s from Penny’s/Primark. It was half price €5.00

This Skirt is also from Primark/Penny’s and it was €10.00 ( last summer)

This croptop was €10.00 at AXParis

I showed you these in the last post. These gladiators are also from Primark/Penny’s and they are €13.00

This body chain was €5.00 at Primark.

These bracelets are from a art market in my home town Lusaka in Zambia. I haven’t been home for about 3 years now so I can’t remember how much they cost.

And…. That’s the look. I tied my hair in a tight bun and just did a red lip and simple eye makeup.

Let me know what you think about this look in the comments below.



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