March/April Favourites 


Hey Guys, this post is three days overdue hence the title but I figured since I bought a couple of things two days ago this qualifies as a March/April favourites post. This was really difficult for me because I bought lots of things in March (you know this if you follow glamrushweekly on Instagram and Facebook… Also if you don’t follow go and do it right now) Some of the things were a bit ‘meh’ though so I’ve picked my absolute favourites for this post.

1. Cafe De Bain

Oh my gosh! These cafe de Bain delectable bathing products smell absolutely delicious. They actually smell like the desserts they are named after. Over the last month I purchased seven bottles of this, that should tell you how much I love them. There are four scents: the sweet vanilla madeline, coconut macaroon, raspberry and rose creme tarte and cherry and almond frangipane. You can get either the shower creme or bath creme. My favourite is the Vanilla  Madeline.

Negative – the scent does not last that long on the skin.

2. Patisserie De Bain

These hand creams are amazing. Just like the cafe de Bain these are all dessert and sweet scented. I’ve only bought these two so far but there are a few others. They also have a range of other products like candles and lip balms that I hear are awesome but I’m yet to try these.

3. Herbal Essence – Moroccan My Shine

I’m crazy about these, they contain argan oil that leaves my hair smooth and soft. I’ve used these for a month and they really have helped with the damage to my hair. It smells lovely and is actually blue which for some reason is very entertaining for me.

4. Garnier Pure Active and Body Tonic

I broke out recently on my face, chest and arms and was looking for some products that could help. I’m going on holiday next month and you guys know ‘ain’t nobody got time’ for acne on the beach. I got the pure active charcoal scrub which has been wonderful for spots and scars, I’ve used this pure active cleansing gel for a while now but when used in conjunction with the other products it’s amazing. People have been going on and on about their micellar water but I’ve only just purchased it and I can see what the fuss is about. I love it for removing make up and just general cleaning.

The body tonic scrub was also surprisingly good, it’s not as rich as my other scrubs but it works very well and leaves my skin silky smooth.

5. Boots Coconut Body Oil

In the Spring  and Summer, sometimes it’s better use a body oil rather than a body lotion. This is light but very moisturising, inexpensive and smells really nice and coconut-y, but not too overpowering. A must have this spring.

6.  Iphone 6 Case

Attention all iphone 6 users! We no longer have to envy the cool cases iphone 5 and 5s users have because we can’t find any cool ones for our phones. River Island now sell a range of really cool cases for €13.00

7. Rihanna Nude Body Mist

I’ve bought this fragrance the last two Springs because it’s light, sweet and perfect for the Spring and Summer. Two weeks ago I came across this body mist in superdrug and I was pleasantly surprised that the alcohol content was higher than in most body mists and it lasts quite long.

8. NYX matte lipstick – butter beurre

 Been looking for this particular lipstick for so long and finally found it in Shaw’s Department Store in the Crecent Shopping Centre. Just like I always thought and hoped; it was love at first sight.

9.  Penneys Bits and Pieces

In preparation for my trip next month I’ve started buying bits and pieces to make my holiday an everyday event. Animal print is not really my thing but there was something about this bikini that popped for me. Yes, you guessed it, it was the €3 price tag. Seriously though, I actually love the cut. It’s perfect for the July body type and the animal print flip-flops are a nice touch. I also got this pretty floral headband, a gold anklet (if you look carefully you can see it) and some cute metallic tattoos. I saw them on a picture of Beyonce earlier this year and they were a must for my trip.

10. Valentino Pumps ***Dupe***

I’ve wanted Valentino rockstud heels for some time now but in the meantime these pretty Dunnes Stores homages will have to do. I love them so much and they retail for only €40 (didn’t see that coming did you). They come in black as well and in a different style that looks more like the Valentino heels.

****Splurge Of The Month*****

Zac Posen East West Saffiano Satchel

This baby retails for $525.00 and I was able to get it using staff account credits and only paid $192.00 of my own cash for it ( Every girl deserves countless amazing designer handbags but every girl needs at least one amazing black designer handbag. This is mine.

So there you are girls. These are my favourites from March and the first couple of days of April. I did purchase a lot of other items that you can check out on Instagram or Facebook. Let me know what you bought last month and what your favourites are in the comments below. I cannot wait to hear from you.




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