Penneys/Dunnes Home Decor Haul


This is so long overdue but I’ve moved to a new apartment at the beginning of this month and decided to take a new approach to home decor that’s a little different and a little cheaper.The new apartment is much smaller than the last one and only has one bedroom. I had the choice of a two bedroom place in the same building but I fell in love with this space the moment I saw it and decided to compromise. I tell you this because the main challenge I faced was storage and space (I have lots of stuff). I think eventually i’ll get it sorted but it’s still something i’m working on.

I am a bit of freak and like to plan everything in advance so even before I found a new apartment I had made the decision to go with teal,cream and grays for my new living area. When I finally found this loft-like duplex I decided to take a different approach altogether, It was really out of my comfort zone because I moved in the next day. With the space being so small downstairs I decided to go with yellow,white and gray for the main living area, I figured by choosing a bright color like yellow as my main focus point the space would appear bigger and brighter. I also wanted to have fun with it and make it more ‘me’. My last place was very nice but also very mature with the reds and browns; very sophisticated but also very serious. I really wanted to get rid of the older vibe and make it ‘younger’ (if that makes any sense).

When I saw the bedroom upstairs I was blown away by the stone walls and I decided to go with a blue french theme. It all came together nicely thanks to Penneys and Dunnes Stores, I found some really great pieces that were just perfect for the look I was aiming for.



The rug was from a store in town (I cant remember what its called – I’ll update this when i find out) But it was just €15.


Throw and cushions were from Penneys. Throw €8. Grey Heart rosebud Cushion €4. White rosebud cushion €4



All the art was from Penneys 3 pack of Zig Zag mini canvases €5 and Lemon Drizzle Canvas €5 and the LOVE piece was €3.


Both candles are from Penneys. Grey Zig Zag candle €5. The flask is from a shop called Tiger in Limerick and was €4. These decorative book boxes are from Dunnes Stores. The large one was $10 and the tiny one was €2.50 (there’s a medium one for €5 and a really big one for €15).


This was €5 at Dunnes Stores and i think it looks really cute on the dining room table (it’s available in red and teal)


These were also from Dunnes and all were under €5 each.


There is a small bathroom downstairs and I went with the same theme. Everything was from Dunnes. Really good quality towel and bath mat. Each item was under €10.



Everything here was from Penneys. God Bless Penneys! The beddings were €20. I did get two extra white pillow cases because i need four pillows on my bed, those were €4. The throw was €8. The lights were €3 but for the effect they give are priceless.


Candle holder €6, Big candle €4, Vintage candle €4 (All from Penneys). Little Candle €2.50 from Dunnes

IMG_4214[1]Large Cushion €6, La vie Cushion €4 and  Heart Cushion €4 (All Penneys)

IMG_4215[1]I had to have this little thing to hang over my bed. Only €3 at Penneys



These Boxes are from Dunnes they ere €4, €8 and €12 (smallest to largest).

IMG_4218[1]€4 for these lights at Penneys


Carried all this stuff from the last place so I cant remember how much it all was but its all Penneys and Dunnes.

So that’s it and this is my new place guys. I did keep this very cheap (unlike the last place) and still it worked out how i hoped it would. Proof that you can get a stylish and comfortable space on a budget.

I’ve put up a picture of my last apartment for comparison. Let me know which you prefer in the comments.


Here are links to my apartment Tours: – New Apartment – Old Apartment


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