Sitting Gym – 30 Minute Cardio… At Home


Hey ladies,

I’ll just jump straight into today’s post without beating about the bush. I hate exercise! I mean, I like being fit and like every girl I want to look good in a swimsuit in summer but lets face it,  some work needs to go into achieving that bikini body.

I have to confess I do have gym membership and despite that stupid direct debit coming out of my account each month I hardly ever go. There are several reasons for this but here are just a two, firstly I am busy most of the time and finish work after 8pm each day and secondly it’s cold in Ireland and I cannot bring myself to leave the comfort of my warm apartment to walk to the gym.

I recently decided to workout AT HOME for 30 minutes each day. I figure if I eat right and keep working the quick and easy steps below then I’ll be okay until summer when its warmer and I can get back to the gym.

So without further ado here is my Morning 30 Minute Workout …


Jumping rope helps you burn calories, tone your muscles and will increase cardiovascular fitness (what’s good for your heart is good for you).  I find jumping rope fun and relaxing so I can do it for hours but for this workout lets keep it at 5 minutes. 


Crunches strengthen your abs but a flat belly is not the only benefit of this. Core exercises like crunches help to improve posture and balance.


Jumping jacks are excellent for increasing muscle endurance and good for working out those calves. Jumping jacks also help increase your metabolic rate and burn calories.


Mountain Climbers help increase strength, flexibility and blood circulation.


Jumping squats build muscle in your whole body, burn fat and the best benefit of all… they help tone and shape your booty. Hello Kim Kardashian/Nicki Minaj assets. Side note: If you are, you know, constipated, this should help too… I know it’s gross but true! 


Strengthen your arms, chest, lower and upper back. Much easier than lifting weights I find.

IMG_3219[1]Also excellent for burning calories and toning your legs and arms.

7 Extra Minutes? You may have noticed already that there are 7 exercises here so I have Left out 7 extra minutes so that you can take a minute break between exercises.

Recovery Smoothie –  After all your hard work you’ll need some protein to recover so treat yourself to a smoothie. Here’s my favorite …



  • Vanilla yogurt 
  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi
  • Banana
  • milk

Feel free to add in your protein powder if that’s what you usually do. I personally prefer using ingredients like milk, yoghurt, oats, coconut milk, almond butter and pumpkin seeds for protein. Keep a look out as I will post something on my smoothies and how I make them really soon.

As usual If you have any comments or contributions please comment below, I’d love to hear from you.




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