10 Spring Must Haves


It’s the first new season of 2015 and that means it time to break out some of my seasonal favorites. Here my top ten picks for looking and feeling fabulous for the next three months.

1.Cross body bags  and Colorful Totes

Unless you really need a giant black or brown handbag for work purposes please feel free to go ahead to ditch them until next fall and opt for a small cross body. These go really well with a lot of spring outfits,especially if you’re into that Boho Chic look. I am currently in search of a good mint colored cross body ( if you have any suggestions please hit me up in the comments below).

IMG_2830[1]If you really can bear to carry a cross body bag then opt for a tote with some color in it. These two are my favorite , My Louis Vuitton Speedy 35( that I stole from my sister) and this hot pink Newbridge tote with silver detailing.


2.Pastel Nails

You know that feeling when you go to the nail parlour and you want to pick a bright color but you cant because it’s fall/winter and you are scared of being judged? Well that time is gone and we can now go ahead and pick some bright colors. Its not summer yet so maybe don’t go too crazy and stick to the pastels which are always pretty, flirty and elegant. In the picture below the lavender is gel that was done at O’Reillys in Limerick but there are some pretty cool pastel nail paints by Barry M, Sally Hansen and Maybeline. Below I have Barry M ballerina, Sally Hansen Miracle gel in Birthday suit and Maybeline gel nail color in Mint for life.

IMG_2879[1]3. High Waisted, Ripped and boyfriend Jeans

No explanation needed, you already know what it is… If you don’t here’s the quick version. These are in this season please purchase them as soon as possible -thank you.


4.Denim Shirt

Apparently the denim shirt is still hot this spring so keep yours handy. I have to tell you guys I love me a denim shirt because there are so many ways to wear one – especially in spring and summer.


IMG_2892[1]5.Bright Lipstick

Its Time to put your Mac Cyber and Diva away and pull out your Heroine. Out with the dark cherry and burgundy  and in with the pinks, purples and even oranges.

IMG_2881[1]I need one of these…

orange mac6. Ballet Flats

This now really depends on where you are, if you are anywhere but Ireland with the spring should come some kind of sunshine and so you should be able to wear these without freezing to death. Ballet flats are so comfortable, so chic and can be worn at almost every occasion and thus a must have for spring time.IMG_2779[1]7. Pendant Necklaces 

The Pendant necklace has made a come back ladies, as seen at the Spring 2015 runway shows for Céline and Derek Lam.

IMG_2882[1]8. Sunglasses

Again no real explanation here just a simple equation

Spring = Some Sunshine = Sunglasses.

Its really important to get the right shaped sunnies for your face shape. I’ll be posting something on that topic at a later date so stay tuned.

IMG_2895[1]9. Colorful Scarfs 

Though its spring it is still chilly out there so keep warm with a funky colorful scarf.

IMG_2853[1]10. Spring Fragrances

Last but not least you need to get rid of all those winter fragrances and get yourself a lighter, floral, fruitier scent.

My Top 10
  1. Marc Jacobs – Daisy
  2. Miss Dior – Dior
  3. Viktor & Rolf – Flower Bomb
  4. Valentino – Valentina
  5. DKNY – Be Delicious Red
  6. L’ Occitane Fleurs se Censier(which is limited edition so hurry)
  7. Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea honeysuckle
  8. Calvin Klein – Euphoria 
  9.  Issay Miyake – Lieau D’issay
  10. Roberto Cavalli –  Roberto Cavalli (Paradiso by Roberto Cavalli is also perfect for spring)
  11.  Chanel – Chance
  12. Like the first day in Spring – Essence 

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