End Of January Haul!


There is nothing better than payday! Its the day that you are reminded why you get your butt out of bed each day and go to work. If you are a shopaholic like me, you know how it feels on the eve of payday. You know that Christmas like excitement that even keeps you awake all night in anticipation. After being broke most of the month after the holiday  season you can only imagine how happy I was to see my paycheck and in true shopaholic fashion, immediately after paying the bills I hit the streets for a little retail therapy. Here are some of my favorite purchases.

Forever 21


This Chanel look-alike  crossbody bag from forever21 is everything. I love it!

 IMG_2202[1]                       IMG_2547[1]

This little crop top hoodie gave me life from the moment I saw it. So cute and it was on SALE whoooooo.

IMG_2214[1]             IMG_2236[2]

I’m still not sure what this top is called but I’m crazy about it . I wore it to work the other day but because its freezing cold in Ireland at the moment I had to wear a jacket over it which made it look a little awkward. It will be awesome in summer though!


Every girl needs a few pairs of great leggings and ladies forever 21 is the place to go for these.They are good quality ,really comfortable and best of all only €3.00 a pair!

New Look 


Have I mentioned how much I love sales? I went into New Look and found all these on sale.


I’ve wanted one of these jackets for a while now but always said i’d come back another time however when I noticed that they were reduced from €69.99 to €30.00 I was left with no choice but to buy one straight away.



While I was in Dublin ( I will post about my trip soon) I went into Astadivarius where there was a massive sale on and I managed to pick up this purse that I am absolutely obsessed with. Its such good quality and it was less than 10 bucks. STEAL.


IMG_2197[1]    IMG_2209[1]

Pennys is my go to for all basic clothing items, underwear, socks,tank tops,travel bags etc but every so often you find some really cool outfits there. In the picture above I’m wearing head to toe Pennys ( except the bag that’s from River Island and the watch that’s Micheal Kors). The boyfriend jeans were €17.00 and the shoes were €7.00.


While in Dublin I had to visit the biggest Pennys in Ireland where I checked out the cosmetic section and discovered;

A. Wet n Wild cosmetics are  sold in Pennys in Dublin. I got myself this Megaslicks balm stain in Nudist colony.

B. Their Catrice section has a new lipstick collection( luminous collection) that we don’t have in limerick. Very disappointing. I got one in 020 Lets go brown town.

 I also purchased another one of NYC’s HD color quattro pallets in 797 Gothic Harlem.


IMG_2204[1]   IMG_2305[1]

I got these two really soft and warm sweaters from a small boutique called Motive and they were only €5.00 each.

Bling ( Miss Selfridge and Cleary’s)


I got a set of 3 pendant necklaces from Miss Selfridge in Dublin and matching earrings for my besty and I  from cleary’s . All also on SALE!!

H & M


Got this cute makeup bag from H&M for €2.99

Other Stuff




My boyfriend got me this Roberto Cavalli perfume that is to die for ( I swear I didn’t hint about it before hand *wink* *wink*) . It retails for  €58.00 for a 50ml bottle in boots.

I was so proud of myself and how I shopped this particular week because I was able to save my coins but still  picked up some fabulous pieces.

Please don’t forget to leave your comments below if you have anything to say about these items or made some cool purchases yourself in January.




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