Pucker Up!!! Sexy Lips for January 2015


Every time a year ends, a new one takes its place, bringing with it endless possibilities for the future. Maybe you found a new job or got rid of an old boo. Maybe you’re decorating your new apartment or maybe you just discovered the joy of a vanilla latte. Whatever you’re doing, I want you to know two things. The first is that whatever you do, I hope you’re doing it for yourself and looking good while doing it.

Here on GlamRush Weekly, a new year is a time to reflect on the styles of the past and get excited about the fashions of the future, so without further to-do let’s give our closets the kiss of life and enter the new year in style.

I thought i’ll start with some makeup: lipstick to be specific. The perfect lip color can take your outfit from 0 – 100 and give it that extra oomph (you know what I mean).

The calendar says winter may be nearly over, but I live in Ireland where Winter begins in January and ends in December so it’s difficult for me to get into the spring vibe and go crazy, however I’ve researched and picked some lipsticks that should keep  your lips on point this January and should work for every skin tone.

1. Purple

Mac – Heroine €19.50                                

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer – Kooky €3.00(Superdrug)

IMG_1344[1]           IMG_1360[1]

2. Burgundy

Mac – Diva €19.50                                       Seventeen Stay Pout – Rule Breaker

 IMG_1338[1]      IMG_1347[1]

3. Vampy dark Lips

Revlon – Black Cherry €10.65                      Sleek True color – Mulberry €5.99

IMG_1343[1]   IMG_1353[1]

4.Brown lips 

Catrice – 290 Chestnut Tree €3.00(aprox)

IMG_1349[1]      IMG_1362[1]

5.Kylie Jenner Inspired Lips

Essence – 06 barely there( aprox €3.00)

Essence lipliner 06 Satin Mauve( aprox €2.00)


6. Classic Red

No7 – Siren                                                     Benefit – Flirt Alert

IMG_1346[1]   IMG_1367[1]

7. Nudes

Rimmel apocalips Lip Lacquer – Shooting star

MUA – Shade 14 Bare

Essence – Nude( cant remember the number)

No7 bb lips beauty balm – Ballerina


8. Pink

NYC –  405 Blue Rose



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